It is not about being artistic, it is about being human.

Welcome to a unique approach to clinical psychotherapy and counseling that is comfortable, engaging, creative, warm and supportive to help change happen in a way that works best for you!

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Welcome to Art Therapy.

If you have questions about how your needs can best be met,
or would like to schedule an appointment:

please call, text or email:
Jessica Edelstein

What if I'm not an artist?

  No art background or knowledge is needed or required to participate.

The art made here is not for sale. Not for public viewing. Not for museums. It is the process that is important. How does it make you feel? What does it invoke in you? What conversations does it start? What does it communicate for you that words alone can not? How does it stimulate different vital areas of the brain?

Art therapy is a modality of clinical psychotherapy that provides a way for people to express and nurture their emotions, memories, ideas and relationships with others in a way they might not be able to verbally. Because creativity is a natural proclivity for humans which directly affects our own neurobiology, art is both a useful tool for unlocking inner thought barriers and the process is itself stress reducing and therapeutic. Cant draw? No problem. We employ the use of lines, color, shapes, collage materials, texture and other methods as forms of expression. It is not about ability, it is about expression.

What is a session like?
Freedom to explore in your own way, at your own pace.

My art therapy sessions are unlike any conventional therapist office experience you may have had. There are a variety of art supplies to choose from and the time to create or process as you wish. Gentle guidance through your therapeutic work is done in a creative, expressive way that is far from a clinical couch and a person with a notepad staring back at you. It is more an incubator for ideas. A safe place to nurture one's feelings and emotions. To connect to memory intuitively. It is a haven for personal growth. You can schedule individual sessions in the privacy of your own home or take part in a supportive group or workshop experience that provides comfort, learning and socialization.

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A new approach to working through the challenges 
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